Pravega Racing Driverless

At Pravega Racing Driverless our goal is aimed at developing the software stack and the required integration modules for achieving driverless capability on our FS car and participate in the competition events.

Beginning our work from the development of perception module for performing object detection and calculating the relative distance of the track objects with respect to our sensors, the next step involves development of the track map by travelling around the racetrack. Now once we have the data pertaining the track layout, we proceed towards our next step developing an optimal path for our Driverless vehicle to follow around the racetrack. With this our Driverless vehicle starts its drive around the racetrack with optimal speeds at the appropriate regions of the racetrack.

Up until now our team has developed the perception module that can detect the FS cones placed around the racetrack using a stereo camera on a ROS framework. We have also worked on the development of a path planner module for development of path to be followed by the Driverless vehicle. We now work on sensor fusion and the development of localisation and mapping module for receiving the real-time position of the FS cones placed around the racetrack to record its layout.